On the Road Again!

My “new” (15 year old Roadtrek camper van) has been christened by the women of the Cascadia RVwomen chapter at CleElum Washington.  I’m learning how to be a dry-camper; no electric or water hookups, just plain good old fashioned camping, but in a comfortable van rather than on a thin pad on the hard ground in a tent!  Baby, i’m on the road again.

The van has already cost me some bucks- more on that later.  But so far it’s been worth it- a tiny home wheels.  Just don’t ask me about the gas mileage!  Argh.

My travel adventures are a metaphor for the journey of life- so this is my  Getting Older and Luscious blog, covering all my secret and public places:   writing,  seeing the USA,looking for love, and my spiritual quest; TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT INSTEAD OF THE PAST OR THE FUTURE!  Life is indeed a journey to the present.  May we all live in joy and patience with each moment as it arises in its glory or ingloriosity (my new word.)


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again!

  1. Cynthia, I’ve just had a lovely time reading all the different parts of this blog, enjoying the photos, impressed by the writing. And I’ve signed up to ‘follow’! Enjoy your adventure to the full and it sounds like we’ll see you here before not too long. Best of everything to you as you proceed, Vera.


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