Off to Glacier National Park- my longest trip so far


Keri (long time friend from Corvallis since l983) and her son Cal (now 17- wow, I was with him when he was born!) headed to Glacier this week, the two of them in their Navion Class C home.  (Hey, how’s that for RV lingo?)  What a spectacular wilderness of enormous, steep mountains and valleys carved during the Ice Age by massive glaciers.  We hiked 4 miles of the Highline Trail, up to approx 7,000 ft altitude.  The first section is called the Garden Wall, the trail clinging to the side of a cliff with a cable to add psychological support!  The views, the flowers, the stupendous geology of the hikes were all breath taking.  Good thing we hiked this 8 miles the first day, so that I could slow down my weary bones for the next 3 days of hiking somewhat shorter distances.  But my age, weight, and the lack of oxygen in the air added up to a big challenge.  Keri called me the Little Engine that Could.  Twenty miles in four days!

I would not normally choose to visit a famous national park in the summer- the place was CRAWLING with people of all ages from all over the world.  Lots of cars, but the park does a good job of discouraging RVs on the road and moving thousands of humans in shuttles. I hope to do more exploring outside of the summer months, away from the crowds, huge RVs, American flags, and loud children!   IMG_0056

Keri and Calvin, my world traveling friends who currently live in Kuwait and travel all over, were good companions, urging me on up the trails and giving me RV and internet tips.  They play together, unlike most 17 year sons and 53 year old moms.  There is research out there that boys raised by single mothers tend to respect women more than boys raised by a male/female couple.  Keri and Calvin are anecdotal evidence of this phenomenon!  Check out their spontaneous cold weather garb at Logan Pass, high in the mountains.



One thought on “Off to Glacier National Park- my longest trip so far

  1. Great trip. Glacier NP is rugged and so beautiful….we just kept hiking! Didn’t feel our burning muscles until we stopped. And then we had brownies.
    We are looking forward to our next adventure with Aunt Cindy in Chennai.


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