The Beauty of Rocks and Water

Although Glacier National Park is full of spectacular vistas, I was particularly drawn to the particular.  The ancient rocks date back to the area’s primordial ocean beds, replete with ripples, later thrust up in convulsive upheavals as the earth’s plates ground and pushed against each other.  And the glaciers and snowfields produce waterfalls, rivers and streams all over the park.  Water on Rocks, rippling, singing, cascading, smoothing, roughing, polishing, splitting, degrading, and carving the earth’s hard and soft spots.  The colors of the rocks were pastels and autumn colors too- pink, green, orange, dark brown, spotted, mottled, glowing jewels.  My i-phone still photos don’t capture the colors- the videos are purer.

IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076


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