Bob the Buddha

The Buddha said to kill him if I saw him on the road.  I don’t think he would mind if I referred to him as Bob.  This is not a religion of worship.  This is a religion of how to live life, one moment at a time.

The Buddha is my life teacher.  I discovered vippassana meditation more than 20 years ago, and it has sustained me and matured me in countless ways.  Thank you Bob.  I attend retreats regularly at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in SW Washington (thank you Dhamma Dhasa and Laura for offering this amazing center for our growth and happiness!)  I am not as faithful a daily meditator now as I would like to be, but I really have grown into a more effective, happy, and loving human being over the years of learning from teachers and from the Buddha himself.

I named this blog in honor of Bob.  Life is a continual Journey to the Present.  There is only the present, the sublime, spacious, colorful, real, honest present.  Sometimes it is very difficult.  Sometimes it is awful.  But it continues to move from one “I can do this” moment to another.  No need to worry so much.  No need to react so much, or to act on reaction.  More respect for each human with all his or her frailties, so much like mine.

Bob’s teachings are always with me.  I just have to remember.



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