Canadian sensibilities and gorgeous Vancouver

The BOLDfest 2015 was quite the event.  Several hundred BoldOlderLesbiansandDykes- in a 35-story posh hotel in downtown Vancouver!  ah, the people and the views- magnifico.


Downtown West Vancouver is clean, gorgeously highlighted by the enormous harbor with big ships and pink/blue sunsets across tan and green and pale blue glistening tall buildings- and wonderfully GAY!  Gay men everywhere.  I heard there are lesbians in the area, but I sure didn’t see them except with my gang of thieves in the hotel.  Lesbos can’t really afford downtown Vancouver, too bloody expensive.


Walking the seawall I heard numerous languages (were they locals or tourists?  everything from German to Vietnamese to Urdu!) – and checked out the very impressive Museum of Anthropology at UBC.  A heart-stopping collection of huge, old totem poles from the Pacific Northwest clans, and then a Multi-Ethnic gallery I could barely stand to view as it was crowded, crowded with multiple artifacts from multiple countries.  The totem poles and stories were the piece de resistance- to imagine their lives before white men is astounding, the behemoth poles hewed from single cedar trees, the stories and ceremonies, the mystery of it all.

Canada is so sensible it seems.  The lesbians there were rightly proud- they have had gay marriage for a long time, have a strong health care system, and people just don’t seem as driven and power hungry as Americans.  And Vancouver has so many fabulous points- huge immigrant and minority communities, a lively cultural scene, hundreds of little, mouth watering ethnic restaurants, lots of gays, and access to wilderness not too far away.

We’re lucky to have Vancouver so close- and the Vancouverites were pleased to hear I was from Portland.  Perhaps Portlandia has a better reputation than Amerika.  Many said they had been here- and mentioned the food, Powells, biking, and innovation.  The Pacific Northwest is just a bloody wonderful place to live!


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