RV Lessons #1 (9/14 to 9/19)

Wow, five days of RV school and I almost have graduated from Grade 1. Primary lessons learned so far:

  • ALWAYS batten down the hatches before driving. The 7 critical cupboard doors and the approximately 10 non-critical drawers will spew things if the door isn’t closed and locked in place. Yesterday, Dharma (my van) smelled like she showered in balsamic vinegar, which was distributed all over the van floor.
  • Don’t take a lot of refrigerated food. You won’t eat as much as you think and some items will turn out to be quite unappetizing. And the fridge sometimes just quits working and has to be fired up again.
  • Don’t take a lot of shit period. My van is crammed with clothing, emergency stuff, bathroom stuff, food and cooking stuff, STUFF STUFF. I’m only one person. If two people were traveling in this rig one of us would have been killed by now by either flying objects or a frustrated roommate.
  • If you plan to work on the road, you have to figure out a way to organize your papers and devices and keep them charged and connected and have a place to sit and write. Argh. This van is looking very big on the outside and very small on the inside.  The third chair in here may need to become a table instead. Wires can be hanging and plugging all over the place, a hazard to bus and mosquitoes at least. Until you do this, you will live in constant self-harassment as you search for items, squish papers, and run out of device juice.

Enough for now. I am delighted with my beautiful old van girl, Dharma. I give thanks to her metallic beauty and efficiency and her apparently strong heart that beats in the engine.


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