RV Lessons #3- Electronic Puzzlements

My FIRST EVER online class starts Monday.  I will be faced with innocent students who will be relying on me to teach a good, effective, efficient class.  ARGGGG!!!!

My to do list:

  • Purchase a HOT SPOT from At&T, my Iphone carrier  (a camping woman told me she can work full time from her camping rig with her HOT SPOT, but has to limit her remote camping because the hot spot doesn’t always work there either.)
  • Plan Ahead.  (I have already reserved a spot in another RV Campground for Sun/Mon/Tues nights near Bryce Canyon National Park.  I’ll check out the park’s campgrounds while I”m there to get a better sense of how those might work for me.  But I figured I better have a good wifi connection for the first 3 days of my FIRST EVER online class!)
  • Set up my Bear Extender, a device which allegedly will strengthen any wifi in the area for better reception.

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