RV Travel Lessons #4 – Take Plenty of Rests!

Perhaps I’m 63 and perhaps I just don’t have the energy to be on the move constantly. Perhaps it’s not good for human beings to move at the pace we do. And Perhaps our electronic devices are partially cursed. And it’s not good to drive for days at a time and get no exercise. One could devolve into an obese flabby woman with constant driving! But this first week of adventure has been too much movement too fast with too many strangers!

Why did I do this? Because I planned too many exciting lesbian activities in a week! From the Boldfest in Vancouver, BC to the RVwomen gathering in Moab Utah in the course of ONE WEEK. Really? Note to self: Do not Repeat.

My pace during the first week:

Day #1- drive 5 hours and find a place to camp (original plan fell through due to darkness and fatigue! A kind woman let me park for FREE in their parking lot.)

Day #2- Drive 9 hours (2 were spent on a wild goose chase following Betty, My GPS girlfriend, who took me way off course to find my planned campground. Turns out it was my error in the way I type in the address, but I just kept driving, hoping she would get me there.)

Day #3- Drive 6 hours in pouring rain and spend the evening hanging out with folks at Wasatch Commons, a co-housing community in Salt Lake City.

Day #4- Drive 6 hours to Moab to join the RV women rally, only to discover that I made my reservation at the wrong campground. I wandered around looking for rainbow flags to indicate lesbians, but there were none to be found. Finally I got myself to the right location and went to dinner with 30 lesbians, all strangers to me.

Day #5- spend 8 hours in a jeep with a voluble tour guide and four women driving through amazing, very bumpy, backroads in Canyonlands National Park.

Day #6- I AM DONE. I need what I will now call “Camper Time” and “Office Time” to be quiet, not talk to anyone, sleep in, catch up on emails, and wander around town looking for a place to have a lovely walk somewhere.

Lessons Learned:

  • Plan ahead and plan on weird mistakes
  • Don’t trust the GPS- stop and examine maps if necessary
  • Don’t be on the road every day. Find a decent campground and hang out there for a while. (Still looking for that rustic campground where I want to hang out in a camp chair, not hiding in my van with all the curtains closed for privacy, surrounded by huge metal traveling RV homes and older folks walking their poodles.)  I knew this lesson from the beginning, but I had to really learn it this week by planning events in distant locations within one week!
  • Make sure you get exercise. (Funny lesson for a camping trip.)

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