Dear Lover,


I met Gail and Bill this week, volunteers at the Red Canyon Visitor Center near Bryce Canyon National Park. After chatting with them, my dreams have grown to embrace you and me and the idea of volunteering together somewhere in a gorgeous spot in Southern Utah! Are you ready baby? (I shall find you!)

Gail and Bill, married 35 years, left Florida the same day Bill retired to follow their dreams to volunteer in beautiful forest and park settings. They had experience already: a wildlife refuge in Alaska and other locations. They were just finishing a 6 month stint as volunteers at a Forest Service Visitor Center. Their jobs include everything, as there are no employees there! They answer questions, make suggestions, handle the store, and call plumbers. And everything in between. They seemed so happy!

Public lands services have been drastically cut since the economy tanked and volunteers are in high demand! Some places offer housing and possible other amenities, like wifi. There are even some paid part-time positions. And one can do almost anything: be a docent; a tour guide; a visitor center assistant; a maintenance worker; a visiting artist. The sky’s the limit!

I’m going to start checking it out, my love. Surely you are a nature girl and enjoy traveling and volunteering, yes? Maybe you are that visiting artist or mechanic? I know what I want to do: informational tours, bird watching hikes, maybe visitor center work (although some of the tourists might be hard to handle), and who knows, maybe a visiting writer!

Alaska? Utah? California? Oregon?

What a great way to be of service, to help others enjoy nature fully, and to revel in a natural setting ourselves. Are you ready for me, for Mother Earth, for adventure? I’m ready for you!

Your girl, Cynthia

And for you readers, here’s the information on how to explore being a government volunteer!




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