Frugality on the RV Road: Is it possible?


I’m concerned! Is it possible I have spent almost $800 in my first 10 days on gas, camping fees, food, and camping paraphernalia?

The sad story:

  • Gas: $317 (didn’t check gas mileage, but it is typically 11 miles to the gallon, so I covered around 1200 miles this week. Portland to Bryce Canyon National Park in S Utah)
  • Camp Fees: $200 for 7 paid nights (with my two free nights, thanks to a kind camp host and my co-housing hosts, averaged $22 per night. To be fair, the paid sites did provide more than a parking spot. They provided electricity, wifi and water, which I used)
  • Food and RV supplies and stuff: $250

Bad news: my rig’s low gas mileage and the expense of RV camping

Good news: I have eaten out almost never, and am busy munching on my abundant RV pantry. (Another post on that soon. Why the heck do I have enough food stored in my van to feed a family for a month?)

Frugality plan:

  • Watch my road planning to minimize number of miles driven (probably no side trips to Tucson, for example)

Try, try, try to find national park and other public lands and campgrounds that are primitive and cheap and safe AND will provide me with a hot spot that works for internet connection.

Happy Postcript:

Several warm and welcoming women at The Commons, a co-housing community in Santa Fe, have invited me to park and “camp” in their parking lot for the week that I am in Santa Fe.  Not only is it wonderful to have a safe, quiet place to nest at night, but it saves me close to $200 in camping fees and gas driving around look for places!  Thank you fellow co-housers!

Another happy postcript:  Dear Friend Esther, who is house-sitting in Santa Fe, is transporting me in her car to various events in town.  Great company, less gas, and a tour guide.  What a deal!



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