Selfie or No Selfie?


Everyone at the National Parks are taking selfies. They carry giant Selfie Sticks. What would the Buddha say?

The Buddha would likely be compassionate, unlike me. I criticize those selfie people all the time! We’re in nature, stupid. It’s about nature, not about you.     What’s wrong with “you people”?

But then I remember, whoops. What about my own version of Selfie? I may hate having my picture taken and never take “selfies”, but I indulge in the focus on self and my own ego most of the time. What the heck is the difference and why do I think I am so much better than they?

The self is a powerful entity. Or at least the illusion of my Self! I’ve so clearly experienced freedom during long meditation retreats. Suddenly the concept of “no self” in Buddhism, which seems to bizarre at first, has revealed itself to be just a collection of passing thoughts, emotions, triggers, judgments, and fantasies.

And yet without the concentration practice of mediation fully engaged, I indulge in my Selfie all the time!

For example, what about this blog? I struggle with this question. Where does my Cynthia Passion and Liveliness and Curiosity and Love of Others end, and where does her Ego begin? Am I blogging because I simply want to share my joy with others, and perhaps inspire them? Or is it because I want folks to think I’m smart, cool, and liberated?

Same question with so many things I do! But I thank the Buddha for his teachings and the awareness within myself of this distinction between coming from the heart and joy, rather than coming from the mind and the ego’s longing to be someone.  Here’s what the Buddha say:  (Buddha on the left!)


No Selfie please! But no judgment, please, of people who take Selfie!


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