The Stories of Two Cows


The Buddha sat with his monks (do you see him on the left?), teaching in a forest clearing. A distraught farmer came running by. “Sir, have you seen my cows?” “No”, said the Buddha, and the man went running. He came by later, still upset and crying. He had no cows with him. “Sir, did they come by here?”

“No Sir”, said the Buddha gently. And the man ran away. The Buddha turned to his monks. “Aren’t you happy, my friends, that you have no cows?”

Now fast forward to the late 1800s.

Mr. Bryce, a Mormon pioneer sent out by Brigham Young from Salt Lake City to help populate Southern Utah, settled near what is now called Bryce Canyon. One day a cow ran away. Mr. Bruce went searching, and to his amazement, found the cow in the bottom of Bryce Canyon. He was the first white man to see its steep, winding, colorful beauty. Soon the Canyon was noticed by others and the first tourists started arriving.


When Mr. Bryce was asked years later how he felt when he saw the Canyon for the first time, he replied:  “It’s one helluva place to look for a cow.”


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