Camper Van Culinary Delights and Compulsive Eating

What does one eat on the road without eating out?  Well, ask a solid compulsive overeater like me, and a talented cook to boot.  Here’s what’s happening on my road!

I stocked the pantry with LOTS of food- packaged Indian curries, boxes of easy-to-cook rice and quinoa, oatmeal and dried fruit, cans of beans and coconut milk and evaporated milk, nuts and honey and spices of course!  Really, did I need this much food?  I’ve tackled only a small portion of this larder.  But heaven forbid that I would go hungry at any time!


Then of course I add perishable items bought on the road:  veggies and fruit and yogurt and cheese, mostly.

Have I been cooking?  Yes, very simply.  And they’ve been good meals:  oatmeal with fruit and nuts; whole wheat sandwiches with cheese, tomato, cucumber and basil; curried potatoes and quinoa/rice combos.  Actually, not much cooking.  But planning, preparing, and enjoying.

Thank goodness that I got clean and sober in April.  No alcohol, less temptation to overeat and eat sugar, and better digestion too!  And thanks to the tiny kitchen, no room for dinner parties,  and the challenges of a small water supply, I am preparing and enjoying small, light, healthy meals.  Every day I pack a lunch so when I’m hiking or interviewing people or checking out a museum, I make sure I don’t get hungry and end up at McDonalds, salivating over burgers and fries.

Why did I place this post both in my Travel and Spirituality categories?  Because I believe that my long history of compulsive eating has a spiritual solution, along with the practical strategies of eating less and moving more!  I’m a long time member of Overeaters Anonymous, a 12-step program that helps members dissolve their cravings through spiritual practice and reliance on a community of fellow travelers on their journey to long-term health.  Will I ever be the svelte woman about whom I occasionally fantasize?  Not in a million years!  But I do want to live as long as I can, and be attractive to the Lover to whom I am writing on this blog!  So here’s to delicious, healthy, moderate eating, and a spiritual practice that supports the same.

Hey, I think I’m losing weight!  I try to walk every day, 2-3 miles if possible, although the long driving days have been highly sedentary.  This camper life is pretty darn good and healthy!  Hurrah.


4 thoughts on “Camper Van Culinary Delights and Compulsive Eating

  1. Hey there my friend. Great to touch in. Start painting the salon tomorrow. You wouldn’t believe my beaver encounter! And, got a great new birding app. I-bird pro!


    1. Hi Joe darlin! I should have sent you this link to my blog earlier- hope you will be a follower and follow me- it’s been an amazing ride. Almost went to see your hair designer friend in Phoenix to get my hair cut but ran out of time. Understand why you were happy to leave the Phoenix area. What a sprawl it is! Love Cynthia


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