Oh the quiet sunrise!

Desert sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular, reminding me of South India’s sunsets. We’re not near the equator in Southern California- is it the dust in the air, or the moisture of clouds, that refracts the light into gorgeous pink, yellow and purple swirls?

The camping life has reoriented my relaxed, retired-woman sleep patterns. It’s quiet and still at night and I don’t want to stay up late, using my battery, so off to bed I go with the sunset and the farmers of yore. Then I’ve had plenty of sleep at 6 am and the sunrise beckons, birds start moving and singing, and I awaken to quiet campgrounds, which can be quite noisy in the daytime and evening.

Young people talking and laughing, saying “like” and “um” and “awesome” and talking about cars and girlfriends and rock climbing and how Obama wants to take guns away. Children weeping and laughing loudly. Campsites alarmingly close together where you can hear most conversations and where people walk through your space without apology or hello.

It’s been a rare camp night or camp morning that I have been able to enjoy true quiet. That’s because:

  1. I’ve been going to national parks – they are popular and busy
  2. I’m visiting the Southwest in the fall, a very busy time because the summer heat has cooled a bit
  3. The economy is chugging along and people have money to travel
  4. Gas prices are “cheap”
  5. Americans are not particularly quiet when they camp.

But leave me, oh critical mind! Allow these humans to enjoy the same beautiful nature that I am beholding with awe and wonder. I am no better than they, just a rather particular older single woman who relishes quiet.

Don’t try to have what you love, but love what you have! Including these brilliantly colored sunrises.



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