Machismo Parking

It was quite scary when I first start driving and backing up 23 foot long, 8 foot wide Dharma, my camper van. Great side mirrors but a small, high back window with NO VISIBILITY behind the van. Thank goodness I had a back up camera installed. Slowly, I have learned to coordinate the eyeballs bouncing back and forth between the two side mirrors and the camera screen to my upper right, with little marks on it showing how far I am from objects. I have avoided killing any children or animals or plants so far. A couple tree bumps at first, but haven’t had one in at least a month!

My moment of machismo came last week at Joshua Tree National Park when I parallel parked the van alongside a crooked row of huge stones, and managed to get her close to the stones and at the right angle for camping. The eyeballs worked together well, I moved the van slowly and deliberately, and by jove, I did it. Some of you will laugh- big deal! But for me this was a moment of confidence and positive self-talk. Yes, ma’am, I can handle this baby, slowly but surely.


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