Collages for Spiritual Reflection

I love making collages- how about you? I’ve started collaging on random pages in my big journal so that as I write I encounter collages I have made that cause me to think, ponder, reflect- what the images might mean. It’s always interesting to see how the intuitive mind picks up images that the rational mind doesn’t really understand and puts them together- upon later reflection, they seem to contain a lot of “ah ha” moments and deeper meanings. If you like art and pictures and images to tap into your right brain and get out of the logical, dry left brain, you might want to try this!  You don’t have to be an “artist”!  I certain am not.

Collage consists of torn out or cut out images from magazines, newspapers, books, or photos and pasted together into one image. (You can’t sell these of course because of possible copyright infringement, but for your own pleasure, it’s fine!) I used to carefully cut out my images and always make sure that there was no blank space left, working images onto each other with framing etc. but I’ve started just tearing the images out and leaving open space, which gives an interesting white-edged, jagged look to them.

Here’s the cover of my current journal, which I made for myself several months ago as I started pondering this period of adventure. The lovely white woman in the center is of course me- ha, I’m so young and beautiful- pondering her options and dreams.


And then inside I pasted these ” random ” collages on random pages so I don’t quite know when I will encounter them again.





This one was more left-brain directed as I thought about my current fantasy of trying out Santa Fe. The intense male image is clearly directing me to Santa Fe, while the tentative woman below is pondering the idea.


Sometimes I see images that stimulate my thinking mind so there is more of a clear message, such as the struggles of women around the world for liberation.



Why did I paste these dual, paired images together here, with a single powerful hero man at the bottom? Perhaps a premonition of the Buddhist teachings I would encounter again at my meditation retreat- that the Western dualistic thinking is in error and there is really only ONE powerful reality behind all things.



Sometimes colors and textures draw themselves together.







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