oh my god- I leave for India in a month!

Don’t go away, dear readers.  I’ll be spending the next month preparing for three months in India and my projects there.  What do they consist of?  I”m going to:

  • research and hang out with Indian policewomen, women who are survivors of violence, and feminists to find out whether Tamilnadu’s efforts to help women by staffing all-female police units is working.  This information will help me with a novel I want to write as well as at least one magazine article.  I’m pitching stories to Ms Magazine, and perhaps to other publications as well. I need to get a bigger “platform” before I can think about selling a novel!  Other topics may easily emerge.
  • attend Chennai’s month-long dance and music festival- that should be amazing.  Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu and a center for Carnatic (South Indian) dance and music
  • show my friends Keri and Calvin, sister Jo, and nephew Seb around Tamilnadu for their 10 day holiday vacation
  • attend the Jaipur Literary Festival (in North India, in which I have little interest but I have heard that Jaipur is amazing and the free literary festival draws writers and publishers from all over)
  • hang out with my buddy and former high school teacher Bob Granner up in the beautiful Nilgiri Hills, perhaps writing some good stuff by then

Sometimes I think I’m nuts.  Sometimes I think I’m happy and brave and energetic and in an adventuresome stage of life, refusing to be a lonely wallflower who is feeling bored.  Maybe it’s a little of both!


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