Moving to Santa Fe- The Motley Crew

Thanks to John and Evelyn, friends from Columbia Ecovillage, who helped me with the challenging task of moving with a 20 foot Uhaul truck, a camper van, and a scared cat, to Santa Fe.   John drove the truck.  Evelyn kept him awake and talking.  And Rosie the cat was a trooper, sleeping in her cat carrier all day and snuggling with me at night … Continue reading Moving to Santa Fe- The Motley Crew

Up-sizing in Retirement- weird!

It’s logical to downsize in retirement, saving money and simplifying life.  And down-sizing can be easier on the planet.  But here I am in my new rental home in Santa Fe co-housing, up-sizing instead.  It’s an adjustment!  At Columbia Ecovillage in Portland, we prided ourselves on our tiny homes and low carbon footprint.  Here at The Commons on the Alameda, one of the oldest co-housing … Continue reading Up-sizing in Retirement- weird!

How to Revive a Blog after Five Months of Silence!

Dear friends, how good loquacious Cynthia have fallen silent for five months?  Well, first it was the end of my fall 2015 travels; then it was endometrial cancer and a total hysterectomy in December, cancelling my planned trip to India; then it was a move to Santa Fe, New Mexico six weeks after surgery!  I’ve been busy.  And somehow the cancer experience turned me inward.  But … Continue reading How to Revive a Blog after Five Months of Silence!