How to Revive a Blog after Five Months of Silence!

Dear friends, how good loquacious Cynthia have fallen silent for five months?  Well, first it was the end of my fall 2015 travels; then it was endometrial cancer and a total hysterectomy in December, cancelling my planned trip to India; then it was a move to Santa Fe, New Mexico six weeks after surgery!  I’ve been busy.  And somehow the cancer experience turned me inward.  But now it’s time to start blogging again:  I love writing and photography, and I want to share my continued adventures here in beautiful Northern New Mexico.

Enjoy the sunny photo of my cancer surgeon, Dr. Tseng!  Doesn’t he look happy?  He is an expert at robotic surgery, and he seems to have done a good job.   I feel great.  The blessing of this whole experience was the nature of my cancer:  very early detection due to abnormal bleeding (so many cancers are silent until they are full blown); an “easy” procedure to remove all my female parts that could become cancerous later; and very quick recovery due to the minimally invasive procedure using robotic arms and cameras to do the whole thing through 5 little incisions.  Amazing.  Thank you Dr. Tseng and all the amazing surgeons and engineers who went before him to invent and perfect this method.



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