Up-sizing in Retirement- weird!

It’s logical to downsize in retirement, saving money and simplifying life.  And down-sizing can be easier on the planet.  But here I am in my new rental home in Santa Fe co-housing, up-sizing instead.  It’s an adjustment!  At Columbia Ecovillage in Portland, we prided ourselves on our tiny homes and low carbon footprint.  Here at The Commons on the Alameda, one of the oldest co-housing communities in the US and built 20 plus years ago,  the homes are large and quite upscale.

Check out my new 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, with a huge patio set up and back from the pathway, private, lovely, and full of windows and the New Mexico sun.  Yes, I am seriously looking for a housemate to share this home, as I can’t afford or justify living in a palace by myself.  Know anyone cool and progressive who wants to move to Santa Fe?  Send them my way!

I wake every morning to a mutual kiss with the desert sun streaming in every window, and think about my friends languishing in Portland under grey skies and rain.  I do agree that the Pacific Northwest is a wonderful, beautiful place to live.  But frankly I am glad I have left the dark skies and the cave of my condo at Columbia Ecovillage and now am walking and dreaming under the sun and ink-blank skies studded with stars here in Santa Fe.

Check out the pictures of my amazing new home at my craigs list ad:  Cynthia’s craigs list ad in Santa Fe


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