Moving to Santa Fe- The Motley Crew

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Thanks to John and Evelyn, friends from Columbia Ecovillage, who helped me with the challenging task of moving with a 20 foot Uhaul truck, a camper van, and a scared cat, to Santa Fe.   John drove the truck.  Evelyn kept him awake and talking.  And Rosie the cat was a trooper, sleeping in her cat carrier all day and snuggling with me at night in the camper van.  We drove for 3.5 days through Idaho, Utah, a bit of Arizona, and into Northern New Mexico.  The last push, after a full day of driving,  was the biggest challenge, a 3 hour drive in the dark along twisting, 2-lane, unlit mountain roads from Farmington to Chama, New Mexico, with multiple signs for deer and elk crossing the road and warnings for 25 mph curves.  I lead the way, talking out loud to myself to focus, observe, slow when necessary, and stay fully awake and alert.  I had to laugh at the car in front of me that was driving 30 miles per hour, carrying a wheelchair tied to the back.  Surely a senior citizen was driving, but why at night on a twisty mountain road?  It was easy to pass, thank goodness.

I didn’t think we could sleep at my new house because beds needed to be put together, but John and Evelyn heroically took on the job of putting together an Ikea bed together.  What a team.  I slept on the sofa and it all worked out!  Thank god for friends!


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