spunky Miss Rosie

Unbelievable how adaptable and adventuresome a young cat can be!  Rosie survived the trip with pizzazz- and is now adapting to her new home.  Sadly, we had a traumatic event a few days ago- this village allows cats to roam free, and one of my neighbor’s cats came into my house and beat up Rosie!  I had to kick the cat to get it off her and out of the house and now it is stalking Rosie at the window, pooping in the yard, etc.  I raised the issue with the village board and at a community meeting last night, but I’m hearing that the village is unlikely to change it’s 22 year old practice of expecting neighbors to work out these conflicts without a village-wide policy.  Yikes.  So I watch for the cat and spray it with water to chase it off every time it appears.  The owner is apologetic but doesn’t know what to do, she says, because it came from the shelter aggressive and she can’t bear to take it back.  He protests loudly if he is forced to stay indoors.

I miss Yogi, my other cat who has been adopted by Mark and Megan back at Columbia Ecovillage.  He seemed too old and fragile to make this move.  After Rosie gets settled and I find a housemate, I will likely get her a companion youngster with whom to play.  And today I talk to a handyman about constructing a new catio.  IMG_0021


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