Up-sizing in Retirement- weird!

It’s logical to downsize in retirement, saving money and simplifying life.  And down-sizing can be easier on the planet.  But here I am in my new rental home in Santa Fe co-housing, up-sizing instead.  It’s an adjustment!  At Columbia Ecovillage in Portland, we prided ourselves on our tiny homes and low carbon footprint.  Here at The Commons on the Alameda, one of the oldest co-housing … Continue reading Up-sizing in Retirement- weird!

Tres Placitas, a cohousing community in transition

Tres Placitas, a small community in Santa Fe, has a fairly long history as a co-housing village, but has struggled with unity and community. Long-time resident Isabel Partlett Lipscomb says there were several factors that contributed to past disconnections. The community decided to save money for a common house, rather than build one at the beginning. Later, several vocal residents opposed the savings plan, arguing … Continue reading Tres Placitas, a cohousing community in transition

Sand River Co-housing- a model for senior communities

Sand River received the AARP’s Livable Communities Award in 2010 for good reason!   (Watch this video for more information.) One of a several US co-housing communities designed specifically for older residents, both the architecture and the social connections support aging in place. Like the other two communities in Santa Fe, Sand River Co-housing’s buildings were constructed in the area’s earthy adobe-style, with pathways connecting the … Continue reading Sand River Co-housing- a model for senior communities

The Commons- Santa Fe

The Commons on the Alameda was first launched in l989 and is one of the oldest cohousing communities in the United States. After planning and construction, folks started moving in in l993, and the community still thrives today. With 28 households and about 75 residents, The Commons is intergenerational and has a full range of families, singles, and working people ages 96 to 7. The … Continue reading The Commons- Santa Fe

Wasatch Commons Co-housing in Salt Lake City

Spent a lovely evening and morning with folks at Wasatch Commons, a well-appointed co-housing community on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. Here’s a comparison, from my perspective, of Wasatch and my own community, Columbia EcoVillage (CEV): Commonalities: Our communities are around the same size- 60-ish human beings. We emphasize gardening with both individual and communal gardens. We focus on sustainability, including low-impact lifestyles. Some … Continue reading Wasatch Commons Co-housing in Salt Lake City

Loving Columbia Ecovillage, my cohousing community

I made a great choice to buy a condo at Columbia Ecovillage in Northeast Portland.  I was lonely, tired of the American dream of the single family home, and ready to experiment with community living.  I took a tour of several communities sponsored by a national Co-housing Association and immediately fell in love with the land, gardens and feel of this almost-4-acre property, with farmhouse and … Continue reading Loving Columbia Ecovillage, my cohousing community