Collages for Spiritual Reflection

I love making collages- how about you? I’ve started collaging on random pages in my big journal so that as I write I encounter collages I have made that cause me to think, ponder, reflect- what the images might mean. It’s always interesting to see how the intuitive mind picks up images that the rational mind doesn’t really understand and puts them together- upon later … Continue reading Collages for Spiritual Reflection

Following my Breath at Spirit Rock

I was happy to finally see and experience Spirit Rock Meditation Center, the West Coast home of Vippassana Meditation, with many well known teachers coming and going: folks like Jack Kornfield, well known teacher and author, and Joseph Goldstein and many others. Also wanted to attend this LGBT event to have that experience as well. But. It was too much like a Bay Area rich … Continue reading Following my Breath at Spirit Rock

Oh the quiet sunrise!

Desert sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular, reminding me of South India’s sunsets. We’re not near the equator in Southern California- is it the dust in the air, or the moisture of clouds, that refracts the light into gorgeous pink, yellow and purple swirls? The camping life has reoriented my relaxed, retired-woman sleep patterns. It’s quiet and still at night and I don’t want to … Continue reading Oh the quiet sunrise!

Ruth Denison has passed but her legacy lives on at Dhamma Dena

The wind whistled this morning, and early morning light glowed on the gracefully aging buildings at Dhamma Dena, Ruth Denison’s desert retreat center in Joshua Tree, California.  Ruth died this year and many mourn. Dharma, my van, and I were kindly hosted by gay partners Chris and Greg, temporary caretakers of Ruth’s land. Chris and Greg, on a spiritual pilgrimage, happened to visit and were invited … Continue reading Ruth Denison has passed but her legacy lives on at Dhamma Dena

Camper Van Culinary Delights and Compulsive Eating

What does one eat on the road without eating out?  Well, ask a solid compulsive overeater like me, and a talented cook to boot.  Here’s what’s happening on my road! I stocked the pantry with LOTS of food- packaged Indian curries, boxes of easy-to-cook rice and quinoa, oatmeal and dried fruit, cans of beans and coconut milk and evaporated milk, nuts and honey and spices of … Continue reading Camper Van Culinary Delights and Compulsive Eating

Sand River Co-housing- a model for senior communities

Sand River received the AARP’s Livable Communities Award in 2010 for good reason!   (Watch this video for more information.) One of a several US co-housing communities designed specifically for older residents, both the architecture and the social connections support aging in place. Like the other two communities in Santa Fe, Sand River Co-housing’s buildings were constructed in the area’s earthy adobe-style, with pathways connecting the … Continue reading Sand River Co-housing- a model for senior communities